You cannot miss this wildlife photographer who is obsessed with “big cats”

Being a wildlife photographer is a challenging task. It is adventurous, thrilling, and enjoyable. A good wildlife photographer can bring all the above feelings to you through their photography skills. Today’s story concerns a talented photographer obsessed with “big cats.” 

Please take a look at some of these fantastic captures of big cats from his Instagram first.

Credit: shaazjung

This is not from Lion King. This is not animated or digitally created. This is Shaaz Jung’s talent. He could capture this lion-cuddling baby lion at the perfect moment from his frame.

Not only are human relations beautiful. Although Lion is the bravest animal in the jungle, when it comes to kids, Lion is a caring parent.

Lion cub knows this is not a punishment. It is the care the lion gives until the lion cub grows up.

Shaaz Jung is a skilled wildlife photographer, filmmaker, big cat tracker, and naturalist. He has a close relationship with Africa Under Canvas, where he frequently guides wildlife and photographic treks and runs a camp in South India called The Bison. Looking at these pictures taken by Shaaz Jung, it is natural to be scared at first. Since Lions, lionesses, and lion cubs in the photos are so close and too real, proving how talented Shaaz Jung is.

This Lion family gives a terrifying look to the photographer taking their family photo. Please do not be hungry.

This is not an oil painting or digital art, a lion’s eye captured by Shaaz Jung’s frames. It is unbelievably real.

Shaaz developed a solid reputation through his studies of Kabini and its creatures over time, and his writings were soon published worldwide. He has been leading safaris at The Bison for the past ten years and is an expert at finding large cats. Shaaz is an expert at tracking leopards and black panthers and has spent years studying the movement of the game. Shaaz has said that treading the jungle paths and scanning Kabini’s tall and twisted trees has brought him face to face with some of the most majestic leopards the forest offers. Over time, he was allowed into the lives of specific individuals that have shaped him as a human being. Shaaz Jung is not one more wildlife photographer. He is a treasure—a phenomenal cameraman.

They are not grinning at each other because they see each other as a threat. It is what they do, how the lions behave—the king in the jungle.

They look after each other. Both need themselves to survive and hunt. It is the life cycle, and it is not sparing them because they are lions.

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