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You become those who you surround yourself with!

While surfing on the web we came across through a pile of mind-blowing images. These photographs make us think that that statement might be truer than we thought. These pet owners are sharing very images of their family members and their pets that are so wholesome and cute that they deserve all the likes and upvotes.

A groovy mutation”

This girl and her dog both have Heterochromia, a genetic mutation that causes the eyes to be of two different colors. In the words of our beloved X-men professor, Charles Xavior, it is a ‘Very Groovy Mutation.’ It, in fact, looks magical, and the fact that she found a dog that has the same color eyes as her kind of brings the idea of soulmates to life. We mean, a dog is perfect as it is but a dog that reflects you like a mirror is the ultimate perfection, right?

This good girl on the right is called ‘The Stig’. She is a rescue that was about to be put down, but this girl who goes by the Imgur username ‘Cakewar’ has rescued her. After a while, a friend pointed out how much their eyes matched. The Stig is a very spoiled but very loving dog that helps her owner get through life and fight depression like a supportive companion. They love each other very much and enjoy each other’s company, and it seems like they are just made for each other. 

Look how proud they are of each other. Those smiles are to die for. We mean the dog with the little smirk and the guy with his cute smile; they both probably get a lot of interest from the audience, if you know what we meant. 

Look at these two adorable chubby chunks of cuteness. We mean, they even have the same look in their cute eyes. If we had to decide which one to take home, we would just take both of them and run away. Some of the users in Imgur refer to the baby as the Michelin baby, and honestly, the resemblance is so striking. 

This person is walking their dog while wearing a suit that looks exactly like the dog. And the human seems to be enjoying this very, very much. But the dog looks like it is so done with his human. Probably feels like a teenager going to school with their parents that are just too eagerly proud of their son. We can almost hear the dog thinking, ‘God, dad, stop embarrassing me in front of other humans.’ 

Wait, is this a picture from a modeling magazine because they both look dashing? They even have matching hair and beards. The dog looks like he knows how to pose better than his own human and just wants to get the best out of this photoshoot. And it really is the best photoshoot.

Ah, to be rolling around on a beanbag with the person you love the most, knowing that you both have perfect golden hair that matches the dusk on a spring. They are even gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly. This is what perfection and contempt must feel like.

This is what happens when a dog owner has a flair for theatrics. They do look like they have evolved from the same ancestor. 


This good boy was ashamed to wear the cone of shame and needed some reassurance. So the owners got their cones to support their dog as any loving parent would do. Looks like this is going to be their favorite Christmas photo ever. It might not be this Labs favorite holiday, but at least he does not have to wear the e-collar alone. This is parenting done right.

Their hair looks so similar we wonder if one of them borrowed hair from the other. 

Seems like sticking their tongues out for posing has become a good bonding activity for them.

We mean, if nothing else, the expression’s the same, right?

Who says messy curls are not a good style for a dog? This dog owner and her dog prove that the dogs and owners look alike.

These two blondes look like they just came out of the Mean Girl movie and can’t decide which one of them has the most glamorous hair. 

This is Prune the pug having a little stroll in the wild. 

Sally the Spaniel and Marv are two best friends that are waiting for the owner-dog lookalike competition with a striking resemblance to each other.

Even their names are similar. Jimmie and Judith are cozy in their home, looking alike. 

It reminds us of instant noodles: They both look cute and curly. 

The best thing about this photo is they both look happy alike. 

Eyes are the mirror to the soul. When you both hold each other in your souls, it is not a miracle that the eyes look the same.

These dog owners are having a blast with their dogs that looks like them. And when your personalities match, what else do you want?

We are suspicious that she might have gotten her hair done to match her dog. 

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