Vet Fixes Turtle’s Shell  With Fiberglass After Car Hit, Sets Free, And Reunites In The Woods Years Later

Photo Credits – Hocking Hills Animal Clinic

One day, A turtle had a tough day when it got into a car accident. But don’t worry—this isn’t a sad story! Meet Dr. Shannon Moore, a cool vet who fixed the turtle’s broken shell with a special material called fiberglass. Fast forward two years, and Dr. Moore had the surprise of her life during a walk in the Ohio woods.

The Turtle’s Comeback

A turtle with a broken shell! That’s what happened to our little friend a couple of years ago. Dr. Moore worked her magic, using her vet skills and kindness to patch up the turtle’s shell with something called fiberglass. After some time healing, the turtle was set free in the Ohio woods, far away from where it had its accident.

The Unexpected Reunion

Guess what? Dr. Moore found the same turtle again while she was just taking a stroll in the woods! That’s like meeting an old friend in the most unexpected place. Box turtles usually stick close to where they were born, so running into this turtle again was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Dr. Moore’s Animal Adventures

Dr. Moore is like a superhero for animals. She’s been a vet for 22 years and knows all about helping our furry and scaly friends. Treating wildlife is like solving a mystery because there are no medical charts or records. Even though it can be tricky, Dr. Moore loves it, and this unexpected reunion with the turtle brought her a lot of joy.

Passion for Animals

Dr. Moore didn’t become a vet by accident. Growing up, animals were her best pals, and that love turned into a cool career. When she’s not in the clinic, you can find her hiking in the Hocking Hills with her Siberian husky. She’s not just a vet; she’s a friend to animals.

A Surprise on Social Media

Dr. Moore shared her turtle story on Facebook, and guess what happened? The story went viral! Even though she’s a seasoned vet, the response from the community amazed her. It just goes to show how special and heartwarming stories about animals can bring people together.

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