This Wildlife Photographer Serves Giants Around The World Using His Photography Skills.

When we explore wildlife, we can realize how small we are as species. The forests and their magical animals are essential to our survival. Elephants may not be the king in the jungle, but they are the biggest mammal. In this article, we will bring the finest elephant photographs captured by Shazz Jung on his journey as a photographer.

Credit: shaaz jung

Is this Aira, the mythological elephant that carries the Hindu god Indra? There is no wonder ancient scriptures and Hindu mythology gave elephants such importance and respect.

Those dholes certainly noticed the stranger who captured them, But what about this elephant? It’s not to be seen by everyone, especially in the jungle.

Photographer Shazz Jung takes breathtaking pictures of animals in their natural settings. He first gained fame for his paintings of big cats. Shazz Jung has made the most of his excellent opportunity to travel and interact with the planet’s wildlife. He recently became fully involved in the world of elephants and captured majestic photographs of these huge, ponderous animals.

Shazz Jung’s frame could capture this amazing shot of two African bush elephants. These animals appear majestic, especially when they are a close-knit family.

Compared to the more than 10 million elephants that populated the continent at the beginning of the twentieth century, African elephants now have a population of only about 415,000 and are therefore considered fragile.

Shazz Jung captured this fantastic yet dangerous photograph while he was in Zimbabwe. He had only one lens and had to roam in bushes for a couple of days to produce this great photo.

You can see elephants traveling across the landscapes of Africa and India in Shazz Jung’s cinematic cinematography. Shazz Jung’s goal in using this visual representation of them is to raise awareness rather than record their actions. In doing so, he hopes to convey the need to protect the remaining elephant population by showcasing their beauty, grace, and close ties with them.

It is not artwork. Shazz Jung, like other wildlife photographers, spends days and months capturing the most potent captures of wildlife. 

It is rushing its way to attack the stranger capturing it. Maybe this elephant does not like paparazzi. However, Shazz Jung did not miss the chance to shoot the bull elephant running towards him to attack him.

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