The Sloth Institute Is There For Any Sloth Baby Who Lost Its Mom

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Cute sloth family enjoying nap time.

If you watch Disney cartoon movies, you probably remember flash from the movie Zootopia. Flash was a sloth, and sloths are a cute type of animal in the world who made it even into the movies due to their cuteness. Today we bring you an extraordinary story about an institute that looks after these adorable creatures.

Wonderful nature of sloths

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Sloth’s look can make you fall in love with him.

Sloths spend the entire day hanging out on tree branches, frequently upside-down, which causes that delightful rush of blood to the head. They only ascend to the ground in extremely slow motion once a week to poop. They munch the occasional leaf when they can be bothered to extend an arm further up the branch.

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Cute baby sloth figuring out the world slowly.

Sam Trull looks after sloths as they are her family.

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Cute sloth with his friend bear

Co-founder of The Sloth Institute Sam Trull left her home in America in 2013 to devote her time to the protection of sloths. What gave the motivation to look after these cute non-harming animals? Sam Trull grew up with lots of animals at their home. She looked after those animals fed them, and protected them as a child.

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Sam Trull bonding with sloths

She later earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a master’s in primate conservation. After a while, she felt while working that the animals were in captivity, and she felt like she was not doing enough. Sam Trull wanted to work with animals in the wild. She traveled and eventually arrived in Costa Rica, where she first encountered a sloth. Kermie is the first sloth baby she rescued, inspiring her to find the institute. You can see an image of Kermie below.

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Kermie is having a peaceful nap time.

Journey goes on

She was employed by a rescue organization that took in an orphaned baby sloth. Due to the high mortality rate of orphaned sloths, their challenge was to keep them alive. Sam Trull had previously worked with primates, so she could apply her knowledge of their feeding requirements and handling capabilities to assist the sloth live.  

The Beginning of The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica 

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Cute sloth hanging on a basket

Sam Trull started to feel for these harmless cute animals then. The issue was how to discharge these sloth babies safely as they grew older. She could not accept that they could not release hand-raised sloths before. To ensure the sloth’s safety, they devised a method of releasing them that would allow us to track them with tracking collars. Establishing an organization was the only option to complete the difficult and expensive procedure. Seda, a successful entrepreneur who was one of her co-founders, helped Sam Trull launch the business.

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Young sloth’s skills

How does The Sloth Institute serve sloths?

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Cute sloth hanging inside a cup

Sam Trull co-founded The Sloth Institute to devote all of her time and effort to return her hand-reared offspring to the jungle. The institute’s primary goals are research for sloths in captivity and the wild, collaboration with other sloth-related organizations worldwide, and education to create and disseminate correct and balanced knowledge about sloths to the general public. The institute uses a distinctive “soft” release technique. It allows sloths to gradually get used to the environment before exploring on their own.

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Sloth picked a flower. Who’s, is it for?

Why do we need to take care of sloths?

Picture: Sam Trull/ The Sloth Institute)

Adorable baby sloth covered in a towel

Sam questions how she could resist being pulled to animals that merely want to eat their leaves, unwind in the sunshine and breeze, and get a good scratch. Furthermore, she discusses the needs of sloths. According to her, for sloths to thrive, there must be enough and the correct kinds of trees, not just any. A connected, well-maintained forest is required.

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