The Majestic Oak – The World’s Most Amazing Oak Tree

Nature, as we all know, is the most fantastic creator. If you closely look through, you can find the most amazing creations of mother nature. This article relates to a unique product; an Oak tree in Britain. It is very special not only to Europe but to the entire world. It is called the Majestic Oak or the Fredville Oak. The tree is in Fredville Park in Honington, Kent, close to Snowdown. Although many people visit it, it is located on private property. So you need the permission of the owners before visiting. 

The surrounding park is accessible to the public by foot. The tree was measured in 1993, and the circumference was 12.04 meters above the elephant foot buttresses, below the first branch. Not only this, the Oak tree in Lincolnshire, which is called Bowthrope, is the tree that is with the highest perimeters. 

It is noted that the Majestic Oak is around 500 years old. And the appearance of the tree proves it. Usually, it is said that healthy trees mature less quickly. These trees grow by adding a fresh layer of wood to their outer cover every year. It stops the last layer from being too thin. But some say it could be even 700 years of age by looking at this tree’s facts. Anyhow it is one of the best creations of mother nature that makes us realize we live in a world full of perfection by mother nature.

Credit: Respective Owners

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