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The Dolphins Have Kind Hearts Too! A Team Of Dolphins Saved A Lonely Dog Drowning In A Canal In Florida.

Animals have bigger hearts than humans. Here is a perfect example of that. We hear news of an abandoned puppy saved from drowning in a channel in Florida by some dolphins. It is surprising to know that animals and humans think alike sometimes. Especially dolphins have a keener brain than most of the other animals. And the Dolphins should be applauded for this. 

Photo Credit: Respective Owners

So, this is the story of Turbo, a Doberman whose owners sold another house in Marco Island, Florida. The dog was swimming in the channel when the dolphins so him. The Dolphins were so brainy to prod him with their noses so the dog would not drown.

Photo Credit: Respective Owners

Some of the neighbors noticed this, and they, too, were surprised to see it. The dolphins swam around the straining dog to find a way to stop him from drowning. They finally found a method to prevent him from entering the water. 

Photo Credit: Respective Owners

While the dolphins saved the dog s life, the firefighters responded quickly and pulled the dog out of the water. The dog had been swimming in the water for 15 hours before the firefighters discovered them. It was quite a long time for a land creature to be in the water for such a period. The dog’s courage needs to be applauded. Without the help of the dolphins, he would not survive. Finally, it became a good plot for a film. 

Photo Credit: Respective Owners

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