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Surprise! There’s a Gigantic Life-Sized Noah’s Ark 

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Hey there, curious minds! Ever wondered about a massive, life-sized Noah’s Ark that lets you step right into the pages of a biblical story? Well, buckle up for an exciting ride as we explore this incredible adventure!

Discovering the Tale

You’ve probably heard of Noah’s Ark, the epic story of survival during a gigantic flood. Noah, his family, and pairs of every animal on a massive ark, while the whole world outside is underwater. 

It’s a story that’s fascinated people for ages. What’s even cooler? We now have a real-life, life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark that brings the biblical narrative to life.

Three Giants Around the World

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Hold on to your hats because it’s not just one, but three full-sized replicas of Noah’s Ark! They’re not hidden away; you can find them in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and Kentucky. 

The Kentucky ark is part of the Ark Encounter, a theme park all about the Genesis flood story and a Young Earth creationist viewpoint.

Location: Grant County, Kentucky

Date Opened: 2016


Length: 510 Feet or 155 Meters

Width: 85 Feet or 26 Meters

Height: 51 Feet or 16 Meters

A Floating Marvel: Johan’s Ark

Guess what? Johan’s Ark, the Dutch replica, is the only one that can actually float! It’s turning heads for its religious significance and unique design.

Building the Ark Encounter

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Kentucky’s ark is like a real-life version, carefully made to match the descriptions in the Bible. While it doesn’t float like Johan’s Ark, it stands tall with help from concrete towers. When you visit, you get to explore the ark’s three decks with 132 bays, each about 18 feet high.

Beyond the Ark: A Creationist Museum

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This isn’t just an ark. It’s a whole museum! The lower deck has animal models and a copy of Noah’s workshop. 

As you go up, you’ll see interesting displays showing what the “sinful world” was like before the flood. You can see scenes like a priest sacrificing an infant to a serpent god and epic battles between people and dinosaurs.

Admission Details

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Excited to check it out? Here are the details:

Ark Encounter:

General Admission: $49.95 (Adult), $24.95 (Youth 11-17), Free (Under 11)

Ark & Creation Museum Combo:

General Admission: $79.95 (Adult), $44.95 (Youth 11-17), Free (Under 11)

Have questions or thoughts about this cool journey into biblical history? Drop them in the comments below, and let’s dive into these mysteries together! And hey, share this article with your pals to invite them on this awesome adventure too!

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