People have asked tattoo artists to cover up their scars and birthmarks 50 times and have been ecstatic with the results.

We’d already published an article on tattoos covering birthmarks and another about tattoos covering scars, so we figured why not mix the two? After all, millions of people have unsightly imperfections on their skin, and there are a plethora of techniques to turn them into pieces of art.

This list from Bored Panda is packed with stunning, hilarious, and downright brilliant designs that ‘healed’ old body wounds and scars. And possibly a few mental bruises as well. So scroll down and have a look at them for yourself, upvote your favorites, and so on.


I’ve gotten the most meaningful tattoo I’ve ever gotten. This Amazing Woman Needs a Scar Cover-Up. I’m at a loss for words to describe what’s going on.


Take a look at this incredible before and after photo taken by our artist, Gustavo.


Domestic Burns As a Child’s Camouflage


Scar Tattoo



Make the most of the resources available to you.



On a rocky outcropping, there’s a Lily. The Client’s Birthmark Is Used To Create The Design


I’m at a loss for words to express how much I was looking forward to doing this work and everything else that’s to come.



An intriguing custom project centered around a scar. I suppose I might refer to it as “Scar Upcycling.”


This Scar Cover-Up Tattoo



This Is Genius


With my first tattoo, I was able to cover up old scars from self-harm.



Instead of concealing a scar, it’s sometimes enough to cleverly integrate it.


Finally Done Something With My Scar


This is a 40-year-old scar that we disguised with cherry blossoms and butterflies.


Changing a Scar into a Fishbone


My nephew’s burning scars were finally covered by a tattoo. I’m so proud of my son! It made me laugh as well as cry with joy.


This is Funny


Today I’ve have to make this cool wine glass to go with a birthmark.




The Procedure For Closing Scars


My Dog Runs Through My Scar


C-Section Tattoo Cover-Up

Cúc chose to tattoo chrysanthemum because it’s her favorite color and also her name in Vietnamese.


Rainbow is a simple concept.


Scars Are Tattoos With Better Stories


We kept working on a project that I really like and was looking forward to finishing. Between birthmarks that have turned into clouds, a sleeve of snowflakes


I Decided To Get A Tattoo Over My Scars After 6 Years, Many Laser Scar Removal Treatments, Scar Strips, And I Love The Result


Scar Cover-Up


My tattoo, which covers a bad nip, an old tattoo, and some top surgery scars, has been updated.


A Birthmark With A Paw Print Tattoo


Working Around A Scar is one option.


A Cherry Has Turned Into A Birthmark


Scar Cover-Up Tattoo


So, for a long time, my sister has wanted her birthmark covered, and she wanted this.


Scar Butterfly


Birth Mark Tattoo


Something A Little Distinctive I outlined the birthmark of a good friend of mine.


Little Scar Cover From 2013


It’s not impossible to get rid of scars; all you need is the right solution.


This Is A Fantastic Cover-Up


Scar camouflage. I’m a big fan of this delicate piece.


I Was Able To Work On And Especially With This Beautiful Scar That Served As A Bench For Monsieur Le Baron.


A Birthmark Becomes A Moustache in 1 Hour. We Had So Much Fun, Oh My God


Scar Cover-Up


I finished the first session of a scar cover-up, but I still need to add the cherry blossoms and the background.


3 Years Post-Op Tattoo Scar Cover-Up


Without a doubt, the most enjoyable activity I’ve ever undertaken.


Scar Tattoo Cover-Up


Scar’s Cover


Making Wine from Lemons


Thank You To My Client For Visiting To Purchase This Floral Scar Distraction Piece.

We went with something simple and tried to incorporate the scars into the design rather than trying to cover them. The moral of the story is that the tears we’ve shed in despair can water a beautiful garden of joy if we only give it chance to develop. Let us give thanks for this day in our lives.

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