Mind-numbing cosplay attempts filled with huge creativity!


The Mighty Sea Snack

Cosplay is not just a silly hobby anymore. It is a way of expressing your creativity, individuality, identity, and so much more. Lowcostplay is an artist who has been using his creativity to do literally low-cost cosplay and has become very popular around the world. As an attempt to mimic our DC hero Aquaman, played by the sea king Jason Momoa himself, Lowcostplay has figured out that Monori sea snacks make an excellent golden scale costume. Look at how Jason Momoa is looking like a sea snack and how our mighty cosplayer is literally a snack. Can’t see a difference, right?


But why??

I mean I know what you are wondering, we are all wondering that, butt…. We should all appreciate the level of creativity that went into creating this scenario. 


Power of Duct Tape Fantasy

If you are a video game fan, Nemesis might have crossed path your mind more than a few times. She is a badass character from the Tower of Fantasy video game series. With the power of a few duct tape rolls, our entertainer has created the Nemesis cosplay a little too close to the real Nemesis character. I only have one question, though. 

How much did it hurt to rip them back off?


Cosplay boy

With some black fabric, you can also create your very own Play Boy. You might not be a playboy, but you can definitely be a cosplay boy, or in this case, a lowcostplay boy.
It is really amazing how simple but creative these cosplays are and how with the minimum amount of material, you can make truly amazing art. 



Well, we might hate Deadpool in x men movies but we cannot hate what lowcostplay has done with his body in this Deadpool cosplay. He has just used a sharpie and some clay and has delivered Sony studio-level special effects. 


So Meta

Metaverse is a popular topic these days. But unlike Mark Zuckerburg, we can’t all afford VR headsets. 

But you know what? 

You do not need a VR headset. You just need a sports bra. That’s right, you heard me. Here is a step-by-step guide. Just take one sports bra and fold its straps inside. Wear it on your head, as demonstrated in the picture. And Voila, you have got your own VR headset. If you are into some razzle dazzle, use a colored bra. We mean, it is cosplay, right? 

Who can say you are wrong?


If you cannot get the real Kiriko, store-bought is fine!

It is all about the perspective, my friends. If you have not been living under a big rock for the past 6 years, you know what this character is. It is Kiriko from the fantasy video game Overwatch 2. Lowcostplay has recreated this famous character from scratch with a vase and some little materials. He has taken a vase and painted and decorated him as the dress worn by Kirirko, and that is it! 

It is the camera angle that is doing the rest of the magic. Throw in some well-placed shots, and you get a perfect Kiriko cosplay.


That is one hot cosplay!

In any cosplaying event, it is not really “happening” without the hot cosplays. And the mobile game Echocalypse is really taking a special place in providing character designs that are hotter than the apocalypse itself. For this cosplay, you need one cat with white fur. I mean, you can always use a white fur scarf, but why waste a perfectly good cat? He is using two balloons for breasts. Finally, a cloth is shaped like cat ears, and it is a low-cost but hot cosplay. I mean, it doesn’t hurt that the character design is using as minimum clothing as possible. Maybe they wanted a low-cost animated costume too. 


Wow, he really has a cat collection

Lowcostplay has a cat collection of different colors. It seems like he has a cat for every occasion. He has done a perfect cosplay of this cat with just a hoodie. Seems like Lowcostplay’s cat is also into cosplay as much as he does. And he is doing a really good job of being all serious. 


Its Black Adam’s younger brother, Toe Adam

Black Adam is screening successfully in the theatres. So Lowcostplay has decided to do a cosplay on him, and it is, by definition, low-cost. We all have that one sock; if you put it on, everything but your toe is inside the sock. And one of your toes is hanging outside like a loner. Well, you can also take advantage of your torn socks and cold toes. Just use some colored pens and draw Adam’s face. For good measures, you can also get some yellowish, golden paint spread on the downside. With that, you now have a cinema-worthy Black Adam cosplay.


Lowest costplay of all!

So Eleven’s back with Stranger Things. It seems like she is one of the easiest cosplay of all. Lowcostplay has done with one trip to the bathroom. Well, toilet paper cost like a hundred bucks a year or so ago, right? So maybe it is not such a low-cost cosplay at the time, but now the apocalyptic toilet paper drought is over; take a toilet paper roll and go crazy with the innovative eleven cosplay.


Wow, these anime characters are really cosplay-able

Lowcostplay is really bringing his A-game into these cosplays with creative ideas and minimalism. With a sharpie, white jeans, and a piece of black tape, he has brought this old anime character to life. So if you are a lover of this cosplay style, you should definitely check out the work he has done. He is popular on so many social media platforms, so it is just a matter of typing in the name ‘Lowcostplay.’ 

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