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Like Father Like Son, Robert Irwin Explores The Beauty Of The Animal Kingdom

Robert has always had a deep love for the natural world and wildlife, just like his famous crocodile hunter father, Steve Irwin. He has portrayed nature and the animal kingdom since traveling with his family around the globe at 13. We can learn more about the amazing animal world by looking at his captivating photos of nature. His efforts have even enabled him to win numerous awards. Enjoy some of the finest captures by Robert Irwin here.

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Robert is hanging with Byron, the brahminy kite. His connection with the animal kingdom reminds everyone about his father so much.

Like his father, it is natural for Robert Irwin when it comes to nature and animals. No fear, love.

Leopards are rarely seen as playful animals. They are more famous as hunters. For this leopard, it is time to break the character.

Robert could capture this sleepy head leopard on a branch. Someone still needs to be hungry.

It is like this red panda is going to give an introduction. Great timing capture by Robert Irwin.

Like father, like son, Robert Irwin followed in his father’s footsteps and appreciated the interaction with nature and animals, and he portrayed them with his lens. you can see all of his amazing work on his website,

What is a Palm cockatoos couple on a tree hollow up to?

Another beautiful capture of Palm cockatoos from Robert Irwin.

This beautiful baby ferret caught Irwin’s frame at an Australian zoo.

He never stops to amaze people with his photographs of the most untamed nature, which have won awards in many photographic competitions. Robert’s interest in the natural world began at a young age. In addition to doing so at the Australia Zoo, a facility his mother now runs after inheriting it from his father, he tours the world showcasing the beauty of the animal kingdom.

Robert Irwin captures the biggest or strongest animals in the kingdom and photographs the cutest, small, and most innocent animals. Look how curious this red panda is looking out, cuddling the napping baby red panda.

Robert Irwin does not only take amazing photographs from far away from animals, behind the camera. Like his father, he reaches out to them and hugs them with pure love.

Robert said let us take a selfie. But this angry curlew is like, ‘Nah, I’m good.’

The heart knows the heart. This is an adorable moment of Robert holding a Sulphur-crested cockatoo in his hand.

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