John Wayne – An Actor Of All Time!

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Some personalities live forever. John Wayne is one such person. He was a world-renowned actor born on the 26th of May 1907 in Winterset, Iowa. His original name was Marion Morrison. But with his love for acting and career goals, he changed his name to John Wayne. But his original name was significant throughout his life. He was Duke to his family as a child.

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The turning point of his life was when his father relocated the family to Glendale, Califonia, when he was 10. This period was the most significant of his life. That molded him to be the man he became. 

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He was a smart kid at school in both academics and extracurricular activities. He was a good football player as well as the captain of the team. Also, he was a part of the theatre, debate squad as well as the dance groups. His talents in football made him win a scholarship to the University of Southern California. 

However, due to the financial difficulties, he had to give it up and get into a job. The choice was a blessing to him as he could work in acting and theatre, where he learned much about the industry as a prop man. 

He was a carpenter, a juicer, and a helper in fixing the sets and transporting props. He learned all the ins and outs of the industry while working. He finally got his first role in Raoul Walsh’s 1930 film, The Big Trail. He changed his name to John Wayne at that time. Then came the best years of his career. Apart from his career, he was a loving father. He had seven kids from 3 marriages. He was a caring parent when it came to child-related matters.

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Soon, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and it was during the peak of his career. After a lot of treatment and surgeries, he survived, but again, the cancer reappeared, deteriorating his health condition. After a tough battle, he passed away in 1979 at the UCLA Medical Center located in Los Angeles, surrounded by family. 

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The daughter Alissa reminds him of the last words of his father, recognizing her dearly. His remains were laid to rest in the Pacific View Memorial Park in New Port Beach, Califonia. 

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