It Only Needs A Big Heart! A Young Boy Rescued A Baby Dear, Risking His Life Amidst The Floods.

Small kids have the biggest hearts. They love anything unconditionally. When it comes to animals, love doubles. This is one such story about a brave boy who risked his own life to rescue a baby dear. 

The boy, Belal, is the hero of our story. He is in his early teenage years. And he is truly a hero because of his brave act. No one, not even an adult, would risk his own life to rescue an animal in sucking a risky situation. So, this guy should be applauded and respected for his kindness. He jumped into the vast water body to rescue a drowning fawn.

‘Floods are nothing special in Bangladesh. It is a very regular incident in the rainy season. However, humans, as well as wildlife, get affected by this, and it is inevitable. The lifestyles and habitats of animals get deeply affected by this situation. 

This particular incident is related to floods in the Noakhali River in Bangladesh. The flood grew bigger soon, and the entire neighborhood was filled with massive water. This baby dear was also caught on this. The deer might have gotten separated from its family. But the baby deer was lucky that the boy saw him. Without thinking twice, the boy jumped into the water to save the fawn, and he did it!

Somehow the boy and the baby dear could come to the river bank. A photographer surprisingly captured this heart-melting moment. These photos tell the viewers a big story about humanity. The boy has a brave heart and is a very determined fellow to swim across with a fawn. It was one spectacular moment for humankind! 

Brave boy risks his life to save a drowning baby deer

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