It Is Never Too Late To Show Some Love; A Heart-melting Story Of The Kind Co-workers Who Raised A Fund To Buy A Car For The Janitor Who Walks Miles Daily For Work! 

This is another heart-touching story that shows the world is beautiful and love exists. The story’s hero is Robert Reed, a 60-year-old male who works as a Janitor at Farmington School in Germantown, Tennessee. The has kind and friendly and loved by everyone for his kind gestures. He is loved by everyone and a staff favourite for his gentle and humble nature. 

Surprisingly, this person had to walk a long distance to work, and many staff knew he had no car. So, the school community organized a fundraiser to collect funds for him to buy a vehicle, 

Can you imagine how hard it can be to take three buses and walk long distances to work and clean a whole school? It is undoubtedly a challenging task. But Robert did this for quite a long time and never complained. It would take hours for Robert to get home after long hours of tiring work. But he did this every day. Though he got a lift from his co-workers to the bus stop after work, he still had to go a long way to call home. It took several hours of the day.  

One of the teachers at the school was kind enough to take the initiative to organize a fundraiser to buy a truck for him. Everyone knew how Robert struggled to manage his day. But he still went above and beyond what was needed for the school. 

Surprisingly the target was achieved in less than 24 hours. So, the crew met Robert and revealed the plan, shocking him. He fell to his knees and started crying. This act of kindness moved him away from his co-workers. This set a good example to society, proving that kindness and compassion exist. 

Photo Credits: WREG News Channel 3 (Youtube)
At that point, the school community made the decision to take matters into their own hands by organizing a fundraiser to support his truck purchase.
Photo Credits: WREG News Channel 3 (Youtube)
Even when I had no money
Photo Credits: WREG News Channel 3 (Youtube)
Not only should you have a solid work ethic,
Photo Credits: WREG News Channel 3 (Youtube)

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