Freedom Is Everything! The Labrador, Whom The Former Owners Neglected & Chained, Was Rescued & Freed. He Is A Happy Doggy Now!

Like humans, animals need freedom and have the right to live a free life with all the requirements fulfilled. No one, not even an animal, like to be chained and poorly treated forever. This is another moving story about a poor Labrador dog chained and neglected by its previous owners. 

The story takes place in Ukraine. A Ukrainian animal shelter received a complaint over the phone from neighbors who reported that someone had abandoned a doggy. The owners were known to be with deplorable behavior. With lousy drinking habits, they beat the animals. It looked like the poor animals in their shelter suffered a lot because of this. 

The victim of this story is quite elderly and found neglected in the neighborhood. T was chained to a pole without even a collar. It was sad to see that the chain around its neck was padlocked. 

The rescue team was kind enough to unchain him and provide him with food and water at their earliest. They brought him to the animal shelter as soon as they could. The lock was quickly removed with a metal cutter and freed the dog. 

The dog was soon sent to the animal clinic for observation and spent two weeks under examination. It was obvious that the dog would not have been able to survive if the rescue team did not arrive on time. Soon the dog recovered and was able to live with the other dogs.

He was named Kross when he got into the animal shelter and soon got used to the new routine, which was healthy and comfortable for him. He is now looking for a forever home filled with love and compassion.


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