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Bored and stressed? We have just the series of photos for you

The Internet can sometimes be a scary place. But it is not always so. Sometimes we come across things that are so wholesome and cute that we just want to die hugging them. We just came across a series of such photos.

Have you ever seen a field mouse? 

Adorable, right? 

What is cuter than a field mouse? 

What about a field mouse that is inside a flower? 


Miles Herbert is the responsible party behind this adorable photo series. He is a British photographer who runs a photography workshop called CaptiveLight. He is also a molder of new photographers by holding photography tuitions for photography enthusiasts who are interested in capturing animals like birds, reptiles, frogs, and other animals.  

The reason why these photographs are this perfect is that they are taken in an indoor photography studio. This is a service provided by the CaptiveLight workshop. They have a purpose build studio just for capturing cute animal photos with high impact. Photographers can use this service regardless of the weather outside, which is an added advantage apart from having the ability to control everything to get the perfect pictures, much like this one.

Look at this cute little field mouse peeking from the flower. This is taken inside the studio, but they provide the facilities for their clients to take photographs outside if they prefer. CaptiveLight also specializes in photographing frogs. Frogs can be very photogenic too. 


Looks like he has built himself a comfortable flower house for himself inside the flower, right? The photographer stated that he prefers to use captive-bred animals for photography because it is not good to disturb the wild animal population. Sustainability is another factor they consider when using captive-bred animals.


Red is definitely his color. The best thing is everyone involved in the photography session gets a win out of this situation. The field mouse gets to sweep through the field of tulips that are allocated just for them without having to worry about the predators. They love to munch on the stamens and sip the nectar of the flowers while running around.

The photographers get to capture cute photos of the animals that are using the tulip field as their very own playground. And everyone else involved gets to enjoy the cute animals, which is a blessing in itself.


The studio takes these captive-bred cute little subjects from a local nature reserve near them. They are just perfect for close-up shots. The yellow pollen from the yellow tulip flower that is spread over the mouse is giving an even more beautiful blend to the picture. 

His eyes are as black as the background, and he is so tiny. The way he is holding the stem of the tulip flower is the definition of cute. Which photographer would not like to take photos like these at least once in their photography career?


This little guy is holding the tulip leaf with his long tail, which reminds me of a very cute but tiny acrobat balancing himself on the rope. Nature has definitely created these creatures and given us a chance to photograph them because every human needs a stress reliever once in a while.

Imagine being a field rat, cozying up inside a red tulip flower, being adored by everyone who looks at you because you are that cute. I wonder what it smells like inside the flower.


This guy is checking out real estate. He is probably trying to find the best flower that he could take a little nap in.

This guy has already found the best real estate and has moved in. He is barely visible through the petals of the tulip flower because he is such a small guy. Any one of us would not mind switching places with this field mouse even for a day, am I right?

He has risen from the depth of Tulips and he is ready to take over the world. They have Lord of Flies, and we have Lord of Mice, opening the curtains made of petals to look over his kingdom and his mice-citizens.

How light you would have to be to stand on a petal. This field mouse is eating stamens off of a flower while standing on a petal and perfectly balancing himself with its tail. He even has little black line tattoos to show us that he loves to live dangerously.

It is perfectly natural for anyone to check both the interior and exterior of their home before settling in. I mean, you have to see if it’s a perfect match for you. I think he is doing exactly that.

And he has settled in. He might throw a housewarming party. Stay tuned; you might get invited. He just has to take a little nap inside the purple flower first. 

I am not trying to cause a scene, but Sir, you need to be careful, or you might fall. 

It is snowing pollen over here. Was Hans Christian Andersen talking about a field mouse in his short story ‘The Elf in the Rose’, because these little creatures look very comfortable making themselves at home in flowers?

You know that feeling when you have to keep just one foot outside your sheet to get comfortable and feel not too cold and not too hot? 

That is what he is doing with his tail. 

We have to thank Miles Herbert and his studio CaptiveLight for these perfect images that would help brighten up anyone’s day.

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