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An Indian Photographer Who Focuses On Animals In The Background Of Flowers To Take Astounding Photos

Nature and animals in it are naturally amusing. Then the flowers get the sole attraction of plants when you catch them with your eyes. So, what happens when the animals come across flowers? Varun Aditya, the talented Indian photographer, captured those fantastic moments in his frame, so you do not want to wander anymore.


This gelada baboon does not seem to be impressed by Varun capturing him with yellow Cinquefoils flowers surrounding it.

This common coquí frog thought no one would find it there with all the redness. But Varun’s eyes do not miss something so unique in nature.

Varun Aditya is a self-taught wildlife and nature photographer. Varun is an Indian photographer who came to the field with many difficulties. Although his journey was difficult, he achieved many things in his career, including the prestigious Award for Best Nature Photographer from National Geographic in 2016.

Varun could take this fantastic photo of a gelada baboon in a garden of yellow flowers.


This fantastic capture by Varun Aditya shows how talented he is at timing in photography. This Crimson sunbird needs to learn about the stranger taking a great picture of it.

Varun uses his talents as a photographer to make every photograph he takes excellent. You may have already seen many of Varun’s works, as his photos have been used to decorate book covers, jigsaw puzzles, and the walls of many houses and offices. Besides embracing his natural talent for photography, Varun led wildlife expeditions and photographic trips in India and Africa. He is sharing his valuable photography experience with others.


This Indian rhinoceros is coming forward to Varun with a smile. Who knows if this picture will someday lead to including this Indian rhinoceros in a film like Madagascar?

Someone is in a hurry. Is this monkey late to its date? But it has good manners. It remembered to pick a flower while hurrying.

An elephant walking with a baby elephant is a common thing in wildlife. But Varun’s photographic eye captured those beautiful flowers in the background of the elephants.

Is it me, or does this Indian rhinoceros seems girly in the background of pink flowers?

Who does not like to feel the smell of fresh flowers in the morning? This lion here is not much different than us.

We all have seen a peacock carving a tree with its beak. But Varun’s creative eye here could take this beautiful picture with the peacock and yellow flowers in the background.

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