All The Houses In The Village Have Been Decorated With Colorful Wall Art. A Surprising Artist Is Behind Them.

There is no such thing as old age, especially when expressing creativity. We as humans can get old by our bodies, but if we are young in our minds, there are lots of opportunities awaiting us. This story is the perfect example of that. Take a look at these incredible artworks and try to guess the artist’s age before you scroll further.

Credit & More : mymodernmet

Why leave your walls all white and blank? Look how this hand-painting flower artwork is bringing brightness to this place.

Do not let your wall outside the house go to waste. A colorful artwork like this can bring the walls a pleasant feeling to anyone visiting your home.

Could you guess? The amazing artist behind these fantastic artworks is 93 years old. Agnes Kasparkova, living in Louka, Czechia, is blessed with a young heart. Louka is one of the most picturesque villages in the Czech Republic despite having a small population and a small town. This is because of Agnes’s efforts. She spends each spring and summer painting grand designs on window and door frames to make her hometown just as charming.

Do you see how anything so normal can turn into a beautiful piece of art with creativity and effort? A pleasant-looking environment is always happy to live in.

She paints magnificent flower wall paintings reminiscent of traditional Moravian (southern Czech) art using vivid blue paint and a little brush.

See how beautiful this place is after being decorated with wall artwork?

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková was an agricultural worker before. Agnes said that she was doing this purely for pleasure. She is an artist, and she enjoys it and wants to help. And she tries to help decorate the world a bit. Because of the beauty of the wall art and her generosity, this town (Louka, Czechia) is famous worldwide as a village with houses beautiful with colorful artwork.

Agnes gains nothing from these efforts. She colors others’ lives and brings them smiles with her talent.

Agnes may be old, but when she gets into wall art, everyone else is behind her creativity and power of work.

Usually, no one likes to hang out in the backyard, But with this new, it feels more peaceful than inside.

Why let your house entrance be typical like everyone else? Try new things such as wall art. You do not need furniture to decorate your house.

Not all houses are colorful where Agnes lives. She works her creativity on anything she can make beautiful. 

Would you like to sleep in your bedroom as Michael Angelo is your roommate? See how much change the wall art can bring to your room.

Here is a great idea. Next time you want to change your study place, do not just add a new tablecloth with flowers. As you can see in this picture, adding wall art of flowers can make a real change.

Before Agnes started decorating neighboring houses with her flower wall art, another woman did wall art in the same area for years. Agnes continued from where she stopped and brought the eyes of the world to this small village in Czech.

Agnes decorates window and door frames with regal blue flower patterns every summer and fall.

Agnes’s hand might need to be stronger. Yet when decorating houses with wall art, her creativity and pureness overcome the age barrier to create something unique.

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