A Story About Workplace Policy And Generosity Created A Great Conflict 

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The story is about a waitress, Ryan Brandt. One day, she was lucky enough to receive a large tip. It was a joyful day, but soon, the situation turned evil, with the manager deciding that the information should be divided among the entire staff. 

Let us hear her story. 

Grant Wise founded the $100 Dinner Club. The club’s mission was to help the servers affected by COVID. So they picked the Oven and Tap, a well-known restaurant, as their destination as the whole thought was to give back to the community while having a wonderful meal. 

Credit : respective owner

The lucky lady this time was Ryan Brandt. She was astonished to have received this money, which surprised her. Soon, she had plans to utilize the capital to repay her student loan. But everything turned grey when she heard the decision of the restaurant management. It was to share the money among the staff as they had no such policy that the employees could receive tips from the guests. 

Credit : respective owner

She had a big challenge: choosing the path of the company where she works to select her personal goals and leave the workplace. It was a very crucial moment. But she was brutally fired for violating the company policies. 

Grant Wise, who donated the money, soon got involved and tried to make things straight. He soon collected the money back and started a campaign for the rights of Ryan. So, a large audience gathered around them. Ultimately, this incident created the opportunity to investigate the money issue and how the workers are treated at the workplace.

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