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A Photographer Who Is Blessed With Talent & Luck

Pamela Underhill Karaz is the Co-owner/Founder of the Wildlife Art gallery at The Curious Otter. She is a photographer, and today we are going to look at a few of her beautiful photographs that capture the moments of the wildlife we usually do not get to see. 


The Toy Thief

This image of a Coyote running in the snow was captured eight years ago. Pamela has taken it with the hope of using it as one of the cover photos for her story, titled ‘Toy Thief’, which she was planning to release in 2022. 

In the footer of this image, Pamela wrote that she believes coyotes are ‘one of the most misunderstood and unjustly persecuted animals’ in the United States. She referred to the coyotes as song dogs, which is a just name for a coyote, given their impressive vocalizations. 

Horses flying through the snow

This image is extracted from the series ‘Horses Flying through the snow’ in which Pamela has captured some amazing photographs of wild horses. The photo represents the Joy of winter and can certainly be a piece that could be hanging over a fireplace.

Not just another bird

Not one of the members of the Corvid family, including crows, ravens, and Jays, can be considered just a bird. Crows are especially intelligent, majestic, and playful. This image has captured a sharp-looking crow, unbothered by the coldness of the winter, maybe because it bears a rather cold heart as well. Whatever it is, the contrast of red and black is really giving the vibe you would definitely expect from a crow.


Look at me; I am rare.

This is a Bohemian Waxwing, a rare type of Waxwing in New York City, in contrast to the cedar waxwing, which is more common. Its beauty and color have been captured sleekly in Pamela’s pictures. 


The perfect Christmas photo

This beauty looks like it has been captured just for a Christmas card or calendar, doesn’t it? 

This image of bright yellow gold finches hanging around pine cones is a few years old, but because of its aesthetic, it is still popular in The Curious Otter art gallery.

Last Family Chat

In the caption of this image, Pamela wrote that this Gray fox mom is spending her last moments with her two kittens before releasing them into the wilderness to be independent and fend for themselves. We do not know what dangers may await them, but best of luck to the three of you, Gray Foxes!


He will show you wisdom.

This Great Gray Owl looks like it came out straight out of a fantasy book and is waiting to guide you into the right path with some mysterious, cryptic advice. Pamela has hung this over her own fireplace as well. It really has that nice snowy aesthetic look that gives us comfort. 

Pamela has a project called the Loon Diary in which she has been adding some amazing photos of a Loon Nest. All the photos are ethically photographed, adhering to the ethical range suggested by the experts. For loons, this range is 100 ft. She also adds really poetic captions to these pictures, which shows how talented she is as an artist and a creator. 


Black-Backed Woodpecker

The bird in this picture, a Black-Backed Woodpecker, is one-half of a couple of woodpeckers who were building a new nest site. These birds are common in Canada. But in the United States, they can only be found in New York, Maine, and some of the western states.

Follow through to the wonderland.

This rabbit looks like it is ready to guide us to the wonderland. The photo was taken and captioned with reference to the beginning of the year 2021 and wishing the planet earth good luck and reverence. 


The Snow Moon

Even though most of Pamela’s pictures we explored so far are wildlife photographs, she is not talented in just one area. Her keen eye captures the wonders of nature, like this picture of the full Snow Moon glistening over a mountain range. The picture was taken from Lake Placid, but it really brings to life the kingdom of the fairies. 

Too far for the winter

This is a picture of a Common redpoll. Pamela photographed the bird where they usually do not come during the winter, so we can say that she has talent as well as luck to get the perfect shots. 

Moon has taken over 

This full moon rose over the Sentinel Range of mountains in the Adirondacks. The colors of the sky are in a perfect blend complementing the blue of the mountain. The mountain range stands tall over the forest like a giant watching over it. This picture speaks volumes about the perfect timing of the photographer and the wonders of nature. 

Is this Harry Potter?

Hedwig from Harry Potter is who comes to mind when we see this picture. Just like a band of snowflakes, these snowy owls are crashing through the snow. The two owls had entered into a fight to mark the territory when this photo was taken. It only lasted a couple of moments and the dusky grey snow owl won with the power of its talons. 

Regular Visitors

Pamela gets an annual Great Blue Heron visitor that takes up residence in a dam near her house. She has enjoyed photographing it over the years. The splashing of the water from the dam and the lighting conditions, not to mention the heron being the perfect model, allowed her to take this great picture. 

The Red Bird

This male Cardinal is another perfect calendar picture. Pamela has noticed a family of Cardinals that frequently visit her birdfeeders, and she has made a habit of feeding them sunflower seeds.

These are not the only photos Pamela has taken. There are some masterpieces you can enjoy in her gallery as well as on her social media platforms. We are really glad to help you discover this talented artist.

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