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A Life-Saving Kiss: The Heroic Moment That Rescued A Life In Florida!

Photo Credits – “The Kiss of Life” by Rocco Morabito  Source

In sunny Jacksonville, Florida, a super brave thing happened one hot July day. It’s a story about regular folks being heroes hugely. Let’s dive into this gripping tale of bravery and how a simple choice can save a life.

So, there’s this photographer, Rocco Morabito, taking pictures for his job. He’s driving by West 26th Street and spots two workers from the power company fixing a pole. You won’t believe it, but something big is about to go down.

One worker, Randall G. Champion, is up high on the pole. Then, by accident, he touches an electric line. Zap! Electricity runs through him, and he faints. Even though he’s got safety gear, things look bad.

Now, another worker named J.D. Thompson is working on a different pole far away. He hears shouts for help and zooms over. But here’s the tricky part – he can’t do CPR while the guy’s up in the air. Time’s ticking, and Thompson has a quick idea to save his coworker’s life.

Thompson seals Champion’s lips with his own and breathes air into him. He then pushes on Champion’s chest hard to get his heart going again. And guess what? A tiny heartbeat shows up! Thompson knows he can’t wait. He gets Champion off the pole so they can get help.

Once they’re on the ground, Thompson and another worker keep doing CPR until the paramedics come. Champion gets stronger, starts breathing on his own, and wakes up. It’s a tight race against time, and thanks to Thompson and his team, they win!

Photo Credits – “The Kiss of Life” by Rocco Morabito  

Now, Morabito, the photographer, gets how serious this is. He uses his car radio to call for help and takes a picture telling the whole story. Thompson’s life-saving kiss – that’s what the pic shows. People everywhere see it and love it. They even gave it a big award called the Pulitzer Prize in 1968.

Because of Thompson’s fast thinking and brave actions, Champion gets to keep living for 35 more years. He was 64 when he passed away in 2002. 

Morabito, the photographer, isn’t around anymore. He passed away in April 2009. But guess what? J.D. Thompson, our hero, is still doing great!

This Jacksonville story shows us that heroes don’t need capes. They’re just regular folks who act when things get tough. The pic? It’s like a time machine. It helps us remember how strong people can be, even when things are hard.

So, here’s a question: Have you ever seen someone do something super brave? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And don’t forget to tell your family and friends about this amazing story. Let’s celebrate everyday heroes together!

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