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22 Finest Bird Moments Captured By A Finnish Photographer

Bird photographers take photographs of birds with their unique skills. They do not just capture the beauty of birds. They take time and wait for the right moment to add more value to the photograph. These photographs taken by the Finnish photographer Wami show us he is born with talent.



Wami captured the exact right moment before the bird took its fruits.


It does not matter upside or downside. It is time to taste fruits.



It is snowing, and fruits are covered in snow. But this bird is feeling hungrier.



This is another perfect moment of Wami’s bird photography. It was hanging on the branch from one hand, dragging another branch from the other hand, and trying to taste fruits.



Wami captured just the moment this bird looked for fruits with flowers covering it.



Hanging on the branch, right before this bird can take a bite, it looks at the camera.



It is fantastic to hang in a tree full of fruits for a bird. Wami took the picture at the exact moment when this bird was enjoying its moment.


It looks like someone found more than expected.



This one has no rush. It’s so satisfying to see how calmly it takes its breakfast.


Need the food to hurry to the nest to feed the baby birds.

In this fantastic world, we see many birds with many colors. They have unique sounds. Their appearance solely attracts us. But most of the time, they fly away before we look at them, hiding their beauty within themselves. So how can you enjoy this beautiful nature of colorful birds? If you can find a perfect bird photographer, you have your chance to enjoy what you missed once.



Wami’s timing is perfect here. He captured the photo right before the bird flew away with food in its mouth.


This bird seems to notice the stranger who came to photograph them during breakfast.


Look how beautiful this bird is—resting with a curious face on the branch.


Yet another greatly timed photograph from Wami. If we could see this live, there is no chance we can see an exact moment like this with the bird’s fast eating.

Wami specializes in capturing birds. His collection serves as a guide to Finnish birds. It is a bird watcher’s paradise. Wami’s only goal is to capture birds in their natural habitat. Wami records every species that lives in Finland throughout the year. Both migratory birds and long-term residents fall under this category.


No pressure, Calm, and got a worm. Is this bird showing off?


It looks like someone got a worm to take back to the nest.


Wami is born with talent. He does not only take photographs at the right time; he takes the ones of the most beautiful.


This bird hurries. Its family must be waiting for it at the nest.



A grumpy little bird. It seems suspicious of the stranger taking its photos.


Do not judge me. I want to see if it fits my mouth.


It looks like Wami got the whole bird family in the frame while they are going food hunting.


Wami is the best at matching time, colors, and nature with his bird photography.

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